Sehr geehrte Patientinnen und  Patienten, am 10.10.2022 und 11.10.2020 (Montag / Dienstag) sowie am 17.10.2022 und 18.10.2022 (Montag / Dienstag), bleibt die Praxis jeweils geschlossen.

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Due to the Corona virus pandemic (Cocid-19) we have temporarily introduced the following code of conduct:

1.    Only 1 patient at a time will be served at the front desk.
2.    Only 1 additional patient may wait inside the office in front of the stairs.
3.    All other patients standing in line are asked to wait outside.
4.    Please practice social distancing and stand at least 6 feet (2metres) apart from each other!

Under no circumstances may patients with the following symptoms enter the office: All symptoms of a common cold like cough, sore throat, runny nose, fever, diarrhea, vomiting
In case you are suffering from these symptoms please either call us at 089 – 48 26 26 or send an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible.



The Arztpraxis am Regerplatz in Munich Au/Haidhausen - General Medicine, Internal Medicine and Diabetology.

Appointments can be made for any health concern in the fields of general medicine and internal medicine (either by phone 089 -48 26 26 or contact form)

A wide range of diagnostic procedures is provided in the practice, e.g.:

  • Ultrasound examination of heart, abdomen, thyroid gland, vessels.
  • ECG
  • Cardiac stress test (ergometer)
  • Holter examination (24 hour ECG)
  • 24 hour blood pressure measurement
  • Spirometry - to test lung function

Dr. Brauns is English speaking, He qualified from Munich medical school in 1999. Subsequently he underwent training at university hospitals  and university associated teaching hospitals in Germany and the United States. Dr. Brauns is specialised in internal medicine and diabetology. He further holds  diplomas in anaesthesiology, intensive care medicine and emergency medicine.

Anschrift Arztpraxis

Arztpraxis München am Regerplatz

Gebsattelstraße 11, 81541 München

Telefon: 089 - 48 26 26

Fax: 089 - 44 77 01 66